My First Post

I hope that this will be the first of many blog postings about who I am researching and things that I find about my fathers family. Like most people that enjoy genealogy, I have an account on and enjoy meeting my distant cousins. I am trying to limit my genealogy research to Sundays. It seems that once I start researching time flies by and I quickly use up hours and days.

I am currently narrowing and focusing my research to Benjamin Foss. Benjamin Foss was in the first United States Naval battle in the Revolutionary War in Machias, Maine. I believe that I am a descendant of Benjamin Foss. I am trying to locate birth and marriage records of my ancestors to prove this out. If you have any information that could help me, please share. It would be very appreciative.

Here is my line to Benjamin Foss:


William F Manchester


  1. Benjamin Foss
  2. Benjamin Foss m Anna Miller
  3. Salome Foss m William Manchester
  4. James Manchester m Katherine Johnson
  5. Milton Manchester m Mertie Church
  6. Florence Manchester m Philmore Smith, Sr
  7. Philmore Smith, Jr m Deborah Crooker

The picture shown here is of William Manchester. William married the granddaughter of Benjamin Foss. We are very fortunate to have a copy of this photograph.

Each week I will take the time to post what my research turns up.

More to come…..

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2 Responses to My First Post

  1. Roger Manchester says:

    I came across your website in regards to William Manchester and was wondering if you knew if William had any Relations in the Fall River, Mass area. My Family tree so far goes back to 1817 but at a stand still. Thanks

    Roger Manchester

    • Masons Bay says:

      We are not sure if there is a tie back to Fall River. However, we do think there may be. My Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother went to Fall River to get married. I have a copy of the marriage record. It has the street address were they stayed Fall River.

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