Finding Benjamin Foss on Google

Today I decided to spend a few hours searching on Google books for Benjamin Foss. The Internet address for Google books is I decided to just put the search term Benjamin Foss Machias Maine. It is amazing how many books were returned from the search.

This first hit I reviewed was a book published by the Maine Historical Society. The book is called Collections of the Maine Historical Society, Volume III. In a section of the book about the history of Scarborough the following is stated:

Benjamin Foss – removed with his family to Machias 1765. The descendants of another branch of this family are numerous in this town and vicinity.

The second hit that I reviewed was an article in The Maine Historical Magazine, Volume VIII. Within this volume there is a section called Notes about Machias that states:

Benjamin Foss, from Scarborough, 1765:

Married first, Sarah Getchell Nov.  1762, and second Hannah Miller prior to 1800; nineteen children, sixteen of whom had families.

On the third hit, I found conflicting information on Benjamin Foss’s first marriage. In Volume IV of the Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder there is a section for the Records of the Second Congregational Church in Scarborough, Maine. Marriages.

Records of the Second Congregational Church in Scarborough, Maine. Marriages.

Nov. 7, 1762 Benjamin Foss and Sarah Mitchel

The church records state that Benjamin Foss married Sarah Mitchel not Sarah Getchell in November of 1762. I am not sure how the name Sarah Getchell became associated to the marriage of Benjamin. It may be because Joseph Getchell is one of the original settlers of Machias and is also from Scarborough.  An example of this association with Joseph Getchell is from the History of Cumberland Co., Maine. I found this book an

In 1765 the following persons from Scarborough also joined the colony at Machias ; Morris O’Brien, and his two sons — Gideon and Jeremiah; Daniel Elliott, Joseph Holmes, Joseph and Ebenezer Libby, Benjamin Frost, Joseph Sevey, Joseph Munson, —- Balch, Ezekiel Foster, Joseph Getchell, and Benjamin Foss. Of the names upon the petition to whom the township of Machias was granted, in 1770, there appear no less than 54 from Scarborough.

In reviewing the Narrative of the town of Machias, which is also found on Google books, I find that it also states that Benjamin married Sarah Getchell. This inconsistency is probably recorded in all other materials that originate from Machias. The following is from the Narrative of the town of Machias.

Benjamin Foss first comer to Machias, m. Sarah Getchell; m. 2nd. Hannah Miller; children: Sally, Mary, Benjamin, Joseph, Eunice, Dorcas, Israel, Wm., Dennis, Mehitable, Hannah, Edward, Fanny, Margaret, Betsey, Stephen, Louisa, Luther, Allen.

That is all the time I have for research this week. Below is a listing with links of the books I referenced in this article.

Collections of the Maine Historical Society: Volume III.Google Books. Web. 26 Sept. 2010. <;.

The Maine Historical Magazine: Volume VIII.” Google Books. Web. 26 Sept. 2010. < >.

Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, Vol IV.Google Books. Web. 26 Sept. 2010. <;.

History of Cumberland Co., Maine : with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and Web. 26 Sept. 2010. <;.

Narrative of the town of Machias, the old and the new, the early and late.Google Books. Web. 26 Sept. 2010. <;

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