The Narrative of the town of Machias

One of the books that have been helpful in learning about my downeast ancestors is The Narrative of the town of Machias. This book was written by George Washington Drisko. It was published in Machias, Me in 1904 by the Press of the Republican. On pages 425 and 426 is the genealogy of Foss Family. This book can be downloaded from Google Books. Here is the link to the book.

Below is the full text about Benjamin Foss from the genealogy section of the book. As noted in a previous post, Benjamin’s first wife was Sarah Mitchell. Benjamin and Sarah had their marriage recorded in the church records from Scarborough, Maine.


Benjamin Foss first comer to Machias, m. Sarah Getchell; m. 2nd Hannah Miller; children: Sally, Mary, Benjamin, Joseph, Eunice, Dorcas, Israel, Wm., Dennis, Mehitable, Hannah, Edward, Fanny, Margaret, Betsey, Stephen, Louisa, Luther, Allen.

Sally m Benj. Blyther; children: Thomas, Benjamin, Wm., Polly, Hannah, Sarah.

Mary m. Noah Mitchell, moved to Scarboro.

Benjamin m. Anna Miller; children: Jane, Deborah, Samuel, George, Wm., James, Eliza, Francis, Salome.

Joseph m. Ruth Fogg; children: Keziah, Sally, Lydia, Abagail, Joseph, Rufus.

Eunice m. London Atus; children: Betsey, Louisa, George, Patience, Eunice, John, Moses, Susanna, Nathaniel, Sophronia.

Dorcas m. Edward Clark; m. 2nd Charles Smith.

Israel m. Betsey Connors; children: Charles, Betsey, Mary, James, John, Albert, Lucius, Caroline, Lucy, Henry.

Wm. M. Lydia Flynn; children: Rebecca, William, Lucy, Rufus, Geo., Nancy

Dennis m. Lydia Hall; children: Mercy, Thomas, John, David, Lewis, Sarah, Levi, Jacob, Isaac.

Mehitable m. Robert West.

Hannah m. Amby Nash.

Edward m. Caroline Bowers; children: Mary, George, Caroline, Lavina, John W., Lizzie, Samuel, Charles F.

Fannie m. John Roberts; children: Hannah, Margaret, Wm., Hiram, Silas, Josiah, Mehitable, Hepzibah, Eliza.

Betsey m. Frank Smith; children: Marjory, David, Benjamin, James.

Stephen m. Eleanor Barney.

Louisa m. James Foss; children: Wm. A., Hannah, Lydia, Jacob L., James, Laura, Tahphenas, Margaret.

Charles Foss m. Mary C. Bowers, April 20, 1827; children: Amanda, Charles, Mary. Amanda d. young. Charles m. Eliza A Foss.

Mary d. unmarried.

Mary of Charles d. 1831; m. 2nd. Sarah Davis; children: Amanda, Melvina, John Q. A., Israel P., Emery C., James, Louisiana B., Franklin, Joseph, Izora.

Charles d. 1868, at 34 years.

Melvina m. John G. Richards. She d. in 1884.

Israel P. m. Aphia Knight; children: Linnie, Edgar, Bertha, Eva, Amelia, Merton. Aphia d. 1876. Israel m. 2nd. Leoniece H. Kilton children: Virgil, Ernest, Clifford, Edith, Mildred.

Emery m. Phebe J. Bryant children: Albert, Almeda, Willis, Alton, Mabel, Evalena, Thomas. James d. unmarried.

Louisianna B. m. Lewis Hall.

Franklin d. 1864.

Joseph W. m. Sarah Johnson children: Darrell Chester, Perley, Cleveland.

Izora m. Edgar Knight.

Drisko, G. W. (1904). Narrative of the town of Machias, the old and the new, the early and late. Retrieved October 10, 2010, from of the town of machias&hl=en&ei=j8OxTJzEJoG78garwNmhCQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCgQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false

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