Memorial of the centennial anniversary of the settlement of Machias

This book has a wealth of information that is applicable to my search about my downeast ancestors. It was published in 1863 by C.O. Furbush and written by William B Smith. Below is the text from the genealogy section of the book about Benjamin Foss that can be found on pages 161 and 162. Again this book has not identified the proper first wife as mentioned in previous posts.



  1. Sally m Benjamin Blyther: — Thomas, Benjamin, William, Polly, Hannah, Sara
  2. Mary m Noah Mitchell:– Returned to Scarboro’.
  3. Benjamin m Anna Miller:– Jane, (Peter Reynolds,) Deborah, (Scribner Davis,) Samuel, George, Willia,, James, Eliza, (John Atchison,) Francis, Salome, (William Manchester.)
  4. Joseph m Ruth Fogg:–Keziah, (Daniel Berry,) Sally, (John Berry,) Lydia, (Freeman Berry,) Abigail, (Thomas Smith,) Joseph, Rufus.
  5. Eunice m London Atus:– Betsey, Louisa, George, Patience, Eunice, John, Moses, Susannah, (Hiram Scott,) Nathaniel, Sophronia, (Peter Henry.)
  6. Dorcas m (1) Edward Clark, (2) Charles Smith:– (1)Jonathan
  7. Israel m Betsey Connors:– Charles, Betsey, (William Howard,) Mary, (Isaac Noddin,) Sarah, (—- —-) James, John, Albert, Lucius, Caroline, (Jonathan Clark,) Lucy, (Stephen Berry,) Henry.
  8. William m Lydia Flynn:– Rebecca, (Isaac Sinclair,) William, Lucy, (Joseph Wallace,) Rufus, George H., Nancy S., (Joseph Cook.)
  9. Dennis m Lydia Hall:– Mercy, (James Foss,) Thomas, John H., David, Lewis, Sarah, (Simon Reynolds,) Levi, Jacob, Isaac.
  10. Mehitable m Robert West.
  11. Hannah m Amby Nash.
  12. Edward m Caroline Bowers:– Mary H. O’B., (John Davis,) George, E., Caroline L., (Asa Atchinson,) Lavinia W., (Nathaniel W. Hooper,) John W., Lizzie F., (Josiah D. Foss,) Samuel J. B., Charles F.
  13. Fanny m John Roberts:– Hannah, (—- —-) Margaret, (George Burnard,) William, Hiram, Silas T., Josiah, Mehitable, (—- Munson,) Hepzibah, (Alonzo Stuart,) Eliza, (Joseph Chambers.)
  14. Margaret m Luther Howe:– Samuel, Caroline, (Wm. Sanderson,) Stephen James, Talphenes, (A. G. Buckmore,) Harriet, (W. Ramsdell,) Robert, Mary E. O., Rosanna.
  15. Betsey m Frank Smith:– Margery, (Riley Davis,) David, Benjamin, James.
  16. Stephen m Eleanor Barney
  17. Lousia m James Foss:– Wm. Arrison, Hennah E., Lydia J., Jacob L., James W., Laura E., Tahphenes, (Stillman Foss,) Margaret, (—- Phalan,)
  18. Luther.
  19. Allen.

Smith, W. B. (1863). Genealogies. In Memorial of the centennial anniversary of the settlement of Machias. (pp. 161-162). Machias, ME: Printed by C.O. Furbush.

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1 Response to Memorial of the centennial anniversary of the settlement of Machias

  1. Kenneth F Morse Jr says:

    I am a descendant of Joseph Chambers and Eliza Roberts. I see numerous conflicting information in researching my line up from Eliza to Fannie to Benjamin. I am curious as to the veracity of the “Memorial of the centennial anniversary of the settlement of Machias”. I am considering purchasing this book. It appears you have an advantage on me in weighing this information against other sources. I would appreciate your opinion on this book and if it is worth my while..

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