Machias Maine Vital Records

This week is a little tough for me to get my weekly dose of research in. I had to take a flight to Montreal today for business. However, I was able to take the Machias vital records with me on the flight in the form of a PDF. Picton Press is a publisher based in Rockland, Maine and they have been copying vital records and putting them on CD. I have a bunch of vital records from Maine on my bookshelf, that I have bought from them. You can find them on the web at

The original vital records are really hard to read. Many of the entries cannot be deciphered because the text is faded or just illegible. There are 369 pages in the PDF for the Town of Machias. I didn’t make it too far into the PDF today. However, I did find the marriage of Benjamin Foss to his second wife. The text on page 25 is fairly clear. It states the following:

  • Date: 28 Sept 1800
  • Names: Benjamin Foss & Hannah Miller
  • Place of Abode: Machias
  • By whom married: Stephen Jones Esq
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