Birth Record for Sarah (Mitchell) Foss

Well the mystery has been solved. I have found a birth record for Sarah Mitchell who was the wife of Benjamin Foss. I found the record in the Vital Records of Brunswick, Maine. I ended up looking in these records due to a lead in the book Old Kittery and Her Families.

When Israel passed away Mary (Berry) Mitchell remarried Joseph Getchell in 1750. In 1765 both the Foss and Getchell families moved to Machias. When the history of the town was written it was probably assumed that Sarah was Joseph’s daughter. Furthermore, Benjamin Foss and Sarah Mitchell were married in 1762. If she was the daughter of Joseph Getchell she would have been born after 1750. This would have made her 12 years or younger when Benjamin and Sarah got married. This would have been highly unlikely. The only record I was missing was a birth record to prove whose daughter Sarah was. Below is the information from the Vital Records. Interestingly, neither John or Sarah were recorded in the baptism records in Records of the First Congregational Church in Scarborough, Maine. However, some of Israel and Mary’s other children were recorded, which included Mary who was born on May 17th, 1736.

Israel Mitchel and Mary Mitchel and his wife
–1 their Daughter Mary Mitchel was born May 17th 1736
–2 John Mitchel son of Israel Mitchel and Mary and his wife was born October the 22th 1739
–3 Sarah Mitchel Daughter of Israel Mitchel and Mary and his wife was Born Jully the 9th 1742


Anderson, J. C. (2004). Vital records of Brunswick, Maine, 1740-1860 and the Forsaith book of Brunswick family records, compiled 1876-1880 by Jonathan W. Forsaith, town clerk (p. 24). Rockport, ME: Picton Press.

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3 Responses to Birth Record for Sarah (Mitchell) Foss

  1. Linda Mitchell says:

    Hello there..I am related to the Mitchell line of William. I do remember seeing in a book(stored somewhere are here) that some Mitchells did a legal name change to Getchell. Not sure when or who but will look for the book. Linda Mitchell

  2. andy tremblay says:

    i too have ” mitchell ” ancesters looking for more info. directly related to thomas mitchell and margaret mitchell father of experience mitchell with wife jane cook. experience mitchell is father to jacob mitchell sr and his wife sussana pope. there son was jacob mitchell jr married deliverance kingman first marriage second marriage to rebbeca cushman. there son john mitchell married marry vickery ? weston had a son noah mitchell married hannah mitchell second marriage to hannah low no kids. they had a son william mitchell who married anna small they had a child joseph mitchell who married sarah hunt they had a child hebbert or herbert married nancy ann calder they had a child henry mitchell who married fannie e. calder. i was able to track the early mitchells to maine and massachussetts and then to canada. some of the early mitchells fought in the war.

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