Children of Israel and Elizabeth “Betsy” (Connors) Foss

This week I am documenting a little bit about Israel Foss. Israel was the son of Benjamin and Sarah (Mitchell) Foss. I believe that I am a descendant of Benjamin through Israel. So I am going to flip through the original records of Machias to see what I can find about the children of Israel & Betsey (Connors) Foss.

On page 9 the first name is missing, but the birth date matches Sarah Foss from later on in the records.

Ann Foss     Israel and Betsey Foss     1 March 1807

On page 19 the marriage of Israel and Betsey Connors is recorded. Unfortunately there is no date that can be found with the record. It looks as though the original page is torn where the date would have been. It also ripped partially through Betsey’s name.

Israel Foss               } Machias
tsey Connors

On page 31 the death of Sarah Ann Foss is recorded. The date is in conflict with the date Betsey Foss provided later in the records. I am going to use the date found on this page as the death date.

Sarah Ann Foss    29 Nov 1808

On page 41 Lucy’s birth is recorded. The page is torn and the L in Lucy is missing. Interestingly, this is the first entry that I find that calls Betsey by Elizabeth.

ucy Foss    Israel + Elizabeth Foss     March 2nd 1813

On page 64 the birth of Charles is found. It looks like the day is written as 12, but is written as a 14 in the report by Betsey later.

Charles Foss    Decem 12 1805    Israel & Eliza Foss

On page 71 the birth of Lucy is recorded again.

Lucy Foss    2 March 1813    Israel + Elizth Foss

On page 115 the births of the children Israel and Betsey (Connors) Foss can be found. This was submitted to the town clerk by Betsey Connor. I feel very fortunate that this record was submitted.

Names When Born Parents Name Deaths
Foss Charles Dec 14 1805 Israel + Betsey Foss
Foss Sarah March 1 1807 March 1 1809
Foss Betsey March 13 1809
Foss Mary January 1 1812
Foss Lucy March 2 1814 Sept 2 1825
Foss James August 25 1815
Foss John July 25 1817 June 24 1833
Foss Sarah Sept 19 1819
Foss Caroline Sept 7 1822
Foss Albert July 10 1824
Foss Lucy July 11 1826
Foss Lucius Bowles July 25 1829
Foss Henry April 23 1831

Reported by Mrs Betsey Foss March 28, 1834 + recorded by John S Kelly Town Clerk

Unfortunately, that is all of the time that I have this week. I need to go to the office today.


Original Records of Maine Towns and Cities: The Town of Machias [PDF]. (2005). Rockport, Maine: Picton Press.

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