Family Tree Maker 2010 for the Mac Issue

Today as I was documenting another branch of my Foss family tree and I hit a snag in Family Tree Maker 2010 for the Mac. The issue seems to manifest itself when I attach two people that already exist in my Family Tree Maker file.

Issue: Israel Foss and Dorcas Foss are siblings. They are both children of Benjamin Foss and Sarah Mitchell. One of Israel’s daughters, Caroline, married Jonathan Clark. As always, I wanted to document his parents for my file. I found that his parents were Edward Clark and Dorcas Foss. I entered Edward Clark manually as the father of Jonathan Clark and then used the “Attach Mother” menu item to attach Dorcas Foss as the mother of Jonathan. Unfortunately, the relationship does not show in the 4-generation chart.

In the screenshot in the chart above you can see Dorcas Foss does not show her mother and father, but it shows the parents correctly for Israel Foss.

In the next screenshot you can see Israel as the sibling to Dorcas. Also, Benjamin & Sarah are shown as the parents. However, in the small chart above the relationships, note that her parents are not shown in the chart.

I checked to see if there was a software update available and there was not one available at this time.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

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