Israel Putnam Foss, b Machias ME, 15 Apr 1838

Israel Putnam Foss, b at Machias ME, 18 Apr 1838 son of Charles and Sarah (Davis) Foss of Machias ME. (Original Records of Maine Towns and Cities: The Town of Machias, hereafter Machias OR, p. 117): d Machias 19 May 1926 (Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 and 1900, Footnote): m(1) Alpha E Knight (George W. Drisko, Narrative of the town of Machias [1904], hereafter Drisko’s Machias, p. 426), b 5 Oct 1844 dau of Stephen & Lydia (-) Knight (Machias OR, p. 137), d 20 May 1876 (MOCA, Special Publication No. 14, hereafter MOCA 14, p. 615). He m(2) Leonice H Kilton (Drisko’s Machias, p. 426), b Mar 1856 (1900 USC), d 1907 (MOCA 14, p. 590)


Original Records of Maine Towns and Cities: The Town of Machias.

Page 117 right side

  • .                                                                                           Mary C Foss      May 20 1831
  • Foss Amanda W          Sept 22 1827           Charles + Mary C Foss      Feb 12 1828
  • Foss Charles M            Jan 5 1829              Charles + Mary C Foss
  • Foss Mary H                May 15 1831            Charles + Mary C Foss
  • Foss Amanda W          Dec 9 1834             Charles + Sarah Foss
  • Foss Malvena               Feb 20 1835           Charles + Sarah Foss
  • Foss John Q A             Jun 11 1836             Charles + Sarah Foss
  • Foss Israel P           April 18 1838      Charles + Sarah Foss
  • Foss Emery C              Sept 18 1840           Charles + Sarah Foss
  • Foss James A              May 31 1842            Charles + Sarah Foss
  • Foss Louisana  B        Feb 29 1844            Charles + Sarah Foss
  • Foss Franklin N         Aug 30 1947            Charles + Sarah Foss
  • Foss Joseph W           Sept 3 1849             Charles + Sarah Foss
  • Foss Izora V               Mar 30 1851            Charles + Sarah Foss

Reported by Charles Foss June 25, 1854 + recorded by                John A Kelly Town Clerk

Page 137 right side

  • Knight Alpha E           Oct 5 1844           Stephen + Lydia Knight
  • Knight Lucretia          Nov 14 1845        Stephen + Lydia Knight
  • Knight William E       April 20 1847      Stephen + Lydia Knight
  • Knight Charles L        Jan 11 1849         Stephen + Lydia Knight
  • Knight Henry V          March 12 1851    Stephen + Lydia Knight
  • Knight Sanford K       Feb 25 1853        Stephen + Lydia Knight
  • Knight Thomas M      March 21 1854   Stephen + Lydia Knight
  • Knight Willard O        March 21 1854   Stephen + Lydia Knight

Reported June 13, 1855 + recorded by                John A Kelly Town Clerk

MOCA, WASHINGTON COUNTY, Maine Cemetery Inscriptions of Maine Old Cemetery Association Special Publication No. 14.

Page 590

Foss, Israel Putnam   1838-1926
Leonice Kilton, wf. 1856-1907

Page 615

Foss, Alpha E. Knight, wf. of Israel P. Foss, died May 20, 1876     Ae 31 Yrs 7 Mo, 15 days
Amelia E. dau. died Feb. 27, 1875     Ae 1 Yr
Little Gretia infant dau. Died Mar. 16, 1872 as 1 Yr
Edith Blanche
Ernest Carroll, son of Israel & Leonice

United States Federal Census Records.

  • 1850 United States Federal Census: Page 32: Machias, Washington Co., Maine: Enumerated 3 August 1850
    Charles Foss                44  Laborer
    Sarah Foss                   41
    Charles M Foss           21   Laborer
    Amanda W Foss         16
    Melvina F Foss           15
    John L N Foss            13
    Israel P Foss          12
    Emery C Foss             9
    James A Foss             8
    Louisana Foss            6
    Franklin F Foss          3
    Joseph W Foss           1
  • 1860 United States Federal Census: Machias, Washington Co., Maine: Enumerated 4 Jul 1860
    Charles Foss                53  Laborer
    Sarah Foss                   50
    Mary Foss                    29
    Amanda  Foss             26
    John Foss                    24
    Israel Foss               22  Sailor
    Emery Foss                 19   Sailor
    James Foss                 18
    Louisa Foss                16
    Franklin Foss             13
    Joseph Foss                11
    Izora Foss                    9
    Sarah A Foss               6
    Evin W Foss                3
  • 1870 United States Federal Census: Machias, Washington Co., Maine: Enumerated 27 Jun 1870
    Foss Putnam           32  Sailor
    Foss Effie                     26   Keeping house
    Foss Linnie                  3
    Foss Edgar                   2
    Foss Bertha                 6/12
  • 1880 United States Federal Census: Machias, Washington Co., Maine: Enumerated 18 + 19 Jun 1880
    Foss Israel P          m 42                  Laborer
    Foss Leoniece             f   25   wife         Keeping house
    Foss Edgar F              m 12    son          Laborer
    Foss Bertha E             f   10   daughter
    Foss Merton W          m  5    son
    Foss Virgil P               m  1    son
  • 1890 United States Federal Census, Veterans Schedule:  Machias,  Washington,  Maine:
    Home in 1890 (Township, County, State): Machias, Washington, Maine
    Veteran’s Name: Israel P Foss
    Rank: Private
    Company: H
    Regiment: 9 Me Inf
    Year enlisted: 29 Sep 1861
    Year discharged: 7 Jul 1865
    Yrs: 3
    Mos: 9
    Days: 18
    Post Office:
    Disability Incurred: Wounded in left shoulder
  • 1900 United States Federal Census: Machias, Washington Co., Maine: Enumerated 8 June 1900
    Foss, Israel P          Head       April 1838  62
    Foss, Leonice H          Wife          Mar   1856    44  Married 23 Years 6 Child. 3 Liv.
    Foss, Clifford H          Son            May  1885    15
    Foss, Mildred              Daughter  Oct   1895    4
    Foss, John Q A           Brother   Jun  1835  64 Married
  • 1910 United States Federal Census: Machias, Washington Co., Maine: Enumerated 5 May 1910
    Foss Isiral P      Head                 M 72    W2
    Foss Clifford H     Son                      M 25     M1    1
    Foss Mildred H    Daughter in law F  21     M1    1
    Foss Elmer            Daughter             F  2/12 S
    Foss Mildred M    Daughter             F  13     S
  • 1920 United States Federal Census: Machias, Washington Co., Maine: Enumerated 3 January 1920
    Foss Israel P      Head             R   M 81    W
    Foss Mildred M    Daughter               F  23     S

U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles,

  • Name: Israel P Foss
    Residence: Machias, Maine
    Age at enlistment: 235
    Enlistment Date: 21 Sep 1861
    Rank at enlistment: Private
    State Served: Maine
    Survived the War?: Yes
    Service Record: Enlisted in Comp. H, Maine 9th Infantry on 21 Sep 1861.
    –Promoted to Full Corporal.
    — Mustered out on 13 Jul 1865.
    Birth Date: abt 1838
    Sources: Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Maine

Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 and 1900, Footnote

  • Name: Foss, Israel P.
    State: Maine
    Arm Of Service: Infantry
    Regiment: 9
    Company: H
    Rank: Corpl.
    Filing Date: 07-AUG-1865
    Application No: 81771
    Certificate No: 66831
    Died: May 19, 1926 at S. Portland, Me

Narrative of the town of Machias: the old and the new, the early and late By George Washington Drisko


–     Benjamin Foss first comer to Machias, m. Sarah Getchell; m. 2nd Hannah Miller; children: Sally, Mary, Benjamin, Joseph, Eunice, Dorcas, Israel, Wm., Dennis, Mehitable, Hannah, Edward, Fanny, Margaret, Betsey, Stephen, Louisa, Luther, Allen.
–     Sally m Benj. Blyther; children: Thomas, Benjamin, Wm., Polly, Hannah, Sarah.
–     Mary m. Noah Mitchell, moved to Scarboro.
–     Benjamin m. Anna Miller; children: Jane, Deborah, Samuel, George, Wm., James, Eliza, Francis, Salome.
–     Joseph m. Ruth Fogg; children: Keziah, Sally, Lydia, Abagail, Joseph, Rufus.
–     Eunice m. London Atus; children: Betsey, Louisa, George, Patience, Eunice, John, Moses, Susanna, Nathaniel, Sophronia.
–     Dorcas m. Edward Clark; m. 2nd Charles Smith.
–     Israel m. Betsey Connors; children: Charles, Betsey, Mary, James, John, Albert, Lucius, Caroline, Lucy, Henry.
–     Wm. M. Lydia Flynn; children: Rebecca, William, Lucy, Rufus, Geo., Nancy
–     Dennis m. Lydia Hall; children: Mercy, Thomas, John, David, Lewis, Sarah, Levi, Jacob, Isaac.
–     Mehitable m. Robert West.
–     Hannah m. Amby Nash.
–     Edward m. Caroline Bowers; children: Mary, George, Caroline, Lavina, John W., Lizzie, Samuel, Charles F.
–     Fannie m. John Roberts; children: Hannah, Margaret, Wm., Hiram, Silas, Josiah, Mehitable, Hepzibah, Eliza.
–     Betsey m. Frank Smith; children: Marjory, David, Benjamin, James.
–     Stephen m. Eleanor Barney.
–     Louisa m. James Foss; children: Wm. A., Hannah, Lydia, Jacob L., James, Laura, Tahphenas, Margaret.
–     Charles Foss m. Mary C. Bowers, April 20, 1827; children: Amanda, Charles, Mary. Amanda d. young. Charles m. Eliza A Foss.
–     Mary d. unmarried.
–     Mary of Charles d. 1831; m. 2nd. Sarah Davis; children: Amanda, Melvina, John Q. A., Israel P., Emery C., James, Louisiana B., Franklin, Joseph, Izora.
–     Charles d. 1868, at 34 years.
–     Melvina m. John G. Richards. She d. in 1884.
–     Israel P. m. Aphia Knight; children: Linnie, Edgar, Bertha, Eva, Amelia, Merton. Aphia d. 1876. Israel m. 2nd. Leoniece H. Kilton children: Virgil, Ernest, Clifford, Edith, Mildred.
–     Emery m. Phebe J. Bryant children: Albert, Almeda, Willis, Alton, Mabel, Evalena, Thomas. James d. unmarried.
–     Louisianna B. m. Lewis Hall.
–     Franklin d. 1864.
–     Joseph W. m. Sarah Johnson children: Darrell Chester, Perley, Cleveland.
–     Izora m. Edgar Knight.

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  1. Dou Schneider says:

    Would you like pictures of Israel Putnam Foss and Apphia Ellen Knight. Incidentally his unit was in a lot of battles. He lost the use of his right arm from a wound at Fort Wagner. All but one son of Charles and Sarah were in the civil war. One Died, Franklin.

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