About Shaun

My family has deep roots in Downeast Maine. My ancestors migrated to Washington County, Maine in the late 1700s. My father, his parents, and grandparents all grew up and lived in and around the town of Jonesport, Maine. I spent many summers in Jonesport as a child. I have a lot of fond memories of Jonesport. I created this blog to share my family research with others that may find it useful also. I also hope to meet some of my distant downeast relatives through this blog.

A little more about me:

Both of my father’s parents and my mother’s father were in the service during WWII. This is probably why I joined the Air Force after high school. I was in the Air Force for 8 years. I am a veteran of Desert Storm. I am a proud American.

I have been married for nearly 20 years. I am fortunate to have four kids that also appreciate going downeast to visit family and explore Jonesport.

I make a living as a technologist in New York City during the week, but I live in Maine.

Hobbies: History, Genealogy, Working on old photos in Photoshop, Drinking American Craft Beer, playing with my kids.


9 Responses to About Shaun

  1. Douglas Schneider says:

    Sarah Conners maiden name is Swett or Sweatt. Other than that, I do not know where either one of them comes from.

  2. Douglas Schneider says:

    That is; I don’t know where Patrick or Sarah come from.

  3. Are you a desecendant of John Foss, (abt 1633 – 1699)who lived in New Castle, New Hampshire?

  4. Doug Schneider says:

    You are a descendant of John Foss (1633-1710) who lived in Rye New Hampshire and was born in Devonshire, England to Stephen Fosse and Mary Jackson. He married Mary Berry about 1658. She was the daughter of William Berry of New Hampshire and maybe Jane Hermines/Hermes. Merry Chistmas!.

  5. Chris Gilbert says:

    Which Smith family are your relatives? I knew Arnold and Leta and their children Phyllis, Arnie and Harry. Also Gladys and Leon Smith and their children and grandchildren. My grandparents were Susie and Albert Church and parents were Laura and Horace Chandler.

    Also, can you tell me the location of the Henry E. Smith Cemetery? I thought I knew most of the cemeteries in and around Jonesport, but can’t figure out where this one is located.

    Chris(tine) Gilbert

    • Masons Bay says:

      Here is my line of Smiths:
      1-James & Elizabeth (Miller) Smith
      2-Francis & Frances Eliza (Merritt) Smith
      3-Henry E & Sarah Augusta (Foss) Smith
      4-Charles Francis & Agnes V (Farnsworth) Smith
      5-Hoyt Philmore & Velora Jane (Lamson) Smith
      6-Philmore Harland & Florence Amelia (Manchester) Smith
      7-Philmore Harland & Deborah Ann (Crooker) Smith
      8-Shaun Philmore & Christine Ann (McKinley) Smith

      The Henry E Smith Cemetery is on Blueberry Shores Road at Masons Bay.

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